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Michelle Dorr, Certified Professional Home Inspector

Michelle Dorr—Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)®

Michelle Dorr is the owner and inspector of MD Inspections. The ornate frills and luxury features of home design are meant to catch the eye and capture your attention—but you can’t let it all distract you from the overall condition of the property. With an impressive resume in the home inspection and construction industries, Michelle’s knowledge is an invaluable resource that is there to help you protect your interests when deciding whether or not to close on a home.

Michelle’s approach is to build a strong relationship with her clients, assessing individual and family needs so that she can do her part to ensure that you’ll be happy with what you’re getting out of a pending home purchase.

Home Inspector Michelle Door using a sewer scope

A Home Inspector With Hands-On Experience

Prior to inspecting homes on a professional level, Michelle worked with tools in hand as an automotive technician, doing so for nearly 10 years. Swapping out the wrenches for hammers and power tools, Michelle later worked in the construction industry for over 15 years before becoming a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)® and starting her own business.

If you have uncommon expertise in a field, Michelle believes that you owe it to others to share that knowledge—and she is committed to helping her clients understand precisely what the purchase of a home will entail so that a protected investment is all but assured.

Strong Communication Sets Us Apart

By inquiring about your personal expectations of a prospective home purchase, we’re able to better evaluate whether or not the home falls short of your goals—ultimately, a purchase is your decision and your decision alone, but it’s our mission to provide factual information to help you invest responsibly

If you’re able to attend your home inspection, by all means, join us—we would love to personally walk you through our findings so that you can be more confident in your understanding of the home

We welcome phone calls with questions about the home after the inspection, and we also host video conferencing if needed—allowing us to exchange relevant photographs and video so that we’re able to provide the best possible guidance

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors InterNACHI
InterNACHI Certified Exterior Home Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Roof Home Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Home Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Plumbing Home Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Safe Workplace Inspector

Michelle’s Time Off

Away from home inspections, Michelle still stays busy, whether it’s with a sewing or quilting project, or remodeling a home. Michelle also loves to work on vehicles, frequently assisting others with automotive repairs. Continuing education is important to Michelle, and she is constantly updating her knowledge about building science, materials, and methods of application.

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At MD Inspections, we are a proud female-owned company that offers a truly client-oriented home inspection—giving home-buyers peace of mind through a dramatically improved understanding of what they’re preparing to purchase. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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