Pre-purchase (Due Diligence) Home Inspection

So you have chose the home you want to purchase.  Now it is time to do your due-diligence to investigate this home thoroughly before your option period is expired.  This is your only opportunity to find out as much as you can about this home before your purchase it.  This is the time to hire MD Inspections.  Not only will I investigate the home's integrity and functionality, using the standards provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission, I will customize my inspection to include any visual inspections you deem necessary for your decision process.  Don't skip the opportunity to hire an inspector that is not only working for your interests, but will exceeds the expectations provided by the standards.  Give me a call, and let us start defining your needs for this home.  Let us discuss how I may be of service to you in this process.  Buying a home can be a very stressful process.  Let me help calm that stress.  Let me empower you with knowledge.  The type of knowledge that will not only help navigate the decision to "buy" or "not to buy", but will help you become empowered versus vulnerable.

My pre-sale inspection minimum standards include the visual inspection of the following:

Health Life and Safety
Cladding (siding)
Grading and Drainage
Heating and Air Conditioning
Plumbing (supply and drainage)
Mechanical Exhausts
Water Heating
and more...

I can customize your inspection to include such items as:

Cosmetic repair needs
Design functionality
Individual systems
Floor plans
Load paths
and more...

Give me a call.  Let's talk about your needs for this home.  Is this a stepping stone purchase for you, or are you planning your long term residential needs?  Are you an investor?  Let's talk about my rental maintenance inspections.  Are you planning to remodel?  Let's talk about my remodeling inspections.  Let's talk about YOUR needs for this inspection.